Tiree Maritime Trust AGM 20/06/2013

Tiree Maritime Trust


Thursday 20th June 2013

7.30 pm @ the Rural Centre

Special Resolution to amend Articles of Association. Replace existing Sections 90-92 (Winding-up) with the following:
90 If on the winding-up of the company any property remains after satisfaction of all the companies debts and liabilities, such property shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the company but shall be transferred to some other charitable body or bodies (whether incorporated or unincorporated) based on the Isle of Tiree whose objects are altogether or in part similar to the objects of the company and whose constitution restricts the distribution of income and assets among members to an extent at least as great as does clause 8 of the memorandum of association

91 The body or bodies to which property is transferred under clause 90 shall be determined by the members of the company at or before the time of dissolution or, failing such determination, by such court as may have or may acquire jurisdiction

92 To the extent that effect cannot be given to the provisions of clauses 90 and 91, the relevant property shall be applied to some other charitable object or objects

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