Regatta Report 2008

After three of the dreichest days of the summer, Sat 2nd August turned into a stunner for the Regatta.
From early morning boats started rigging up in the harbour, with the feeder fleets from Caoles and Baugh arriving in time for the 2.30 pm race start
With an estimated 400 spectators basking in glorious sunshine ringing Scarinish Harbour, and a 10-12 K breeze on the water, the Tiree Lug Class, to the boom of Peter Isaacson’s 12 bore shotgun, opened the 2008 Regatta. The lug racing was competitive, ending in a tight finish, with Angus Mackinnon’s ‘Morag Anne’, nudging on the line, David Hepburn’s ‘Isle of Tiree ‘. The beautiful Jessie Rachel came in a very credible 3rd
The subsequent Drascombe, and Centre-board board classes, were eagerly contested, with Magnus Laird’s ‘Soay’ winning the former, and John MacLean’s Wayfarer ‘Red Dragon’ the latter.
The RIB race was dramatic with boats literally flying through the air. Kenneth Mackinnon raced as if he was auditioning for a James Bond movie. The race was won by Paul Knight, a major sponsor of the Tiree Regatta.
The Regatta closed with the trawler race. The boats motored to the start line, with their crews in foul weather gear. This created some confusion among those spectators attending their 1st Tiree Regatta. They were puzzled as to why foul weather gear was being worn in such glorious conditions. All became obvious, at the 1st mark, when open warfare broke out between the boats, with a barrage of flour, eggs, and rotten mackerel heads.
Whilst all this sailing action was going on, the shore events were in full swing . The pillow fight was fought out with tenacity and aggression. The raft races, included an epic battle between the Denholm Diva-Larg combo, and the Green Grunts . This was settled when wee Dan Johnston dived in, and sank the lot of them!

The Sandcastle competition attracted a growing number of competitors accompanied by a large number of parents, who judging by the frenzy of activity, as the finishing whistle went, had become more competitive than their offspring. The shore events closed with a motley group of swimmers criss-crossing the harbour, until the starter decided, finally, when the race was completed!
The more relaxed spectators enjoyed fine Tiree Fare. The cake stand was a sumptuous delight to behold, and the burgers a savoury of succulence.
The prizes were graciously presented by Yvonne Mackinnon, to be followed by the traditional generous offerings from the winner’s whisky-filled quaichs, a fitting and enjoyable end to a memorable day.
The Regatta Club wish to thank our sponsors: – PDK Shellfish, Tommy Barbour Fuel Distribution, David Kerr, Skippinish Sea Tours, Tiree Services,, Craig Cowling Sound Systems, Tiree Sea Kayaks. Also we wish to thank everyone one who provided food, and support on the day.

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