Regatta Handicapping System

Following last year’s successful Regatta and in response to member’s requests TRC has adopted an appropriate handicap system under which to race.

The old TRC handicap system was no longer applicable view the limited number of boats in the existing fleet, and the considerable range/variation in their dimensions. After considerable debate, and review of alternative handicap systems, TRC decided to adopt the Old Gaffers Assoc (OGA) Handicap System

The main reasons in adopting the OGA handicap system are:-
(1)    appropriate to Tiree dipping lugs
(2)    established  both nationally and internationally
(3)    RYA accredited
(4)    Readily accessible and applicable to ‘visiting ‘ boats

Additional reasons
(1)    TRC could advertise its Regatta(s) with a nationally accredited handicap system
(2)    Offer greater variety in our racing ie mixed fleets/pursuit race(s).

The new handicap system will be introduced for this years Regattas.

For further details, measurement forms etc please contact;

Sam Bouchnak         

Robert Trythall         

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