Boat Survey 2004

In 2004 Tiree Maritime Trust commissioned Malcolm Henry a boat builder from the Isle of Skye to undertake a survey of the condition of the remaining Lug sailing boats on Tiree. His report sadly turned out to be the last record of many of the boats. The findings of the survey are summarised below.

Jessie RachelJessie Rachel

Transom dinghy, length 13’3”, well maintained, in very good condition.

No name

Transom sterned, length 16’3”, built of larch and mahogany, in very good condition. [no image]

Eilean ThiriodEilean Thiriod

Double ender Tiree style, length 17’5”. Built by Evans boat builders in 1998, in excellent condition.


Double-ender typical of Tiree, 18’5”. Built by Calum Maclean, in good condition throughout.


Transom Stern, typical for a Tiree boat of this size, length 18’. Built by Donald MacIntyre, well built and maintained, in very good condition. [no image]


14’6”, Transom stern, clinker planking, plumb stern. Condition reasonably sound.

Morag AnneMorag Anne

Transom dinghy of Tiree type., 12’11”. Believed to have been built by Calum MacLean. Condition repairable.

Mary FloraMary Flora

Transom dinghy built from larch and mahogany, 14’2”, built by MacKay of Ayr. Salvageable.


Not inspected as put away for winter. Built on ship by Rosgail skipper. An unusual boat for the locality, in danger of rotting beyond repair. [no image]


Double ender typical of Tiree but with a rounded heel and decking, c.19’. Well built and maintained, in excellent condition. [no image]


Double ender typical of Tiree with clinker planking, plumb stern and sternpost, 13’5”. Built in Vaul. Generally in very good condition. [no image]


Double ender typical of Tiree but with rounded heel and decking, 18’6”. Built onboard a ship, over 100 years old. Condition assessed as probably beyond repair. [no image]


Double ender, clinker planking with plumb stern and sternpost typical of Tiree, 17’7”. Condition salvageable.

No NameNo name

Double ender. Carvel planking. Fore, side and stern decking, unusual boat for location. 16’2”. In danger of rotting beyond repair.


Transom dinghy in Tiree Style. 13’9”. Condition reapairable, but cost may not be justifiable.


Transom dinghy, 13’7”, built in Harris, beyond repair.

Ros Next Steps

In 2004 of the 16 boats surveyed only two were considered to be beyond repair. Five of the boats needed to be action to prevent further deterioration. Eight boats were reported to be in good or excellent condition.

In 2009 as part of the Tiree Boat Revival Project a visual inspection was taken of the remaining boats. Many of them had deteriorated beyond repair.

The Tiree Maritime Trust was very kindly gifted three of the remaining Tiree lug-sailing boats, Morag Anne, Daisy and Ros.

A group of volunteers working with the Tiree Maritime Trust put together a plan to not only restore some of the remaining lug sailing boats but also to pass on traditional boat building skills to members of the community.

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